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Article: The Athens Messenger


Cody was featured in an article from The Athens Messenger, covering the recent World Classic Professional Big Time Wrestling event at Athens County Fair. Check out a few excerpts from the article and read the full article at the link below!

An event dubbed “World Classic Professional Big Time Wrestling” made its first-ever appearance Friday night at the Athens County Fair, eight matches in all, with a large Grandstand Arena crowd star-struck and dazzled by the action. Hundreds of fans who waited in line during the pre-event “Meet and Greet” to have autographs signed and photos taken with some of their all-time favorite wrestlers — at $10 per pop — said it was well worth it. Those legends included Buff “The Stuff” Bagwell, Bushwhacker (Sheepherder) Luke Williams, Road Warrior Animal, the Honky Tonk Man, and “Fantastic” Bobby Fulton.

The wrestlers gave the Grandstand audience a heavy dose of villain versus hero format from the very first match, which featured a snarling “The Icon” Cody Hawk winning his bout over the younger crowd favorite, Matt Brannigan. The next match featured another villain, Robbie “Super” Star, who incensed the audience by telling them he would leave if they called him a “loser.” It didn’t work and the “L” word came raining down on his ears.
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Steel Radio

Here is a link to a pod cast I did this past weekend! Give it a listen if you have some free time!


Triple shot weekend!


Huge Triple shot weekend for the Hawk. If your a fan, and in the area, please stop out to one of these great events. WAR Ohio at the Putnam County Fair, Friday and Saturday, and CWAI Warehouse wars on Sunday afternoon!




Audio: Electric City Wrestling Fans Podcast

Cody took part in a Podcast with Electric City Wrestling Fans and talked training and living with Dean Ambrose, how he got his own start in the business, WWF tryouts and more! Listen below!

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Hawk's Pro Wrestling Training

Do you have what it takes to climb to the top rope, and  achieve success? #HawksProWrestlingTraining #EarnYourSpot #HawkArmy


Video: Cody Hawk on Smackdown - March 17th, 2016

Cody featured on Smackdown this week in a bar scene with Dean Ambrose, in their Cincinnati stomping grounds. View above!

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Old school HWA Tag team match

A little throwback match with some of my favorite opponents and partners. HWA arena (Evendale Ohio) 2004

 The HWA Icons vs. Foreign Intelligence.


Hawk's Pro Wrestling Training Camp

I Train Champions!!


ARE YOU READY FOR THE MAIN EVENT? ARE YOU THE NEXT BIG THING? Cody Hawk proudly presents his next 20 week / 100 hour class.  Beginners & Advanced Classes available! (See Details Below) CALLING ALL:
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  • Current wrestlers looking to take their game to the next level.
Beginners Class -  100 hours spread over 20 weeks Beginning on Monday, February 27, 2017 and running every Monday and Tuesday night from 6:00p-8:30p, for twenty weeks, or until complete. Cody will be training NEW, untrained, wrestling hopefuls, as well as current wrestlers who want a restart to their wrestling career. You will be trained correctly from the ground up, if you start here with Cody Hawk. This class will revolve around learning all the basics of our great business in order to provide you with a solid foundation to build upon.  You will also be taught backstage etiquette and how to conduct yourself as a professional wrestler. $100 deposit required to hold your spot. Advanced Class* - 100 hours spread over 20 weeks Beginning Monday February 27, 2017 and running every Monday and Tuesday night from 6:00pm - 8:30pm, for twenty weeks, or untill complete. Cody will be working directly with you in-ring to improve your existing skills and add to your wrestling brain. You will be focusing on ring psychology and placement, cardio, back stage etiquette, Self-Promotion/Marketing, promo skills and character development.   Cody’s reputation speaks for itself.  with his trainees and students being featured on shows all over the world, including WWE. For more pricing and additional information, or to reserve your spot, please contact: Paid in full Discounts & Payment Plans Available! *This class is for TRAINED wrestlers, referees, manager/valets ONLY.  Please note: For safety purposes, Cody Hawk reserves the right to move you from the advanced class to the beginners class upon further evaluation of your in-ring capabilities. This camp will be held at the CWAInternational Warehouse, 1930 Fairgrove Ave. Hamilton Ohio.

#HawkArmy & CWAI

Cody Hawk is very happy to announce a new partnership with CWAI based out of Hamilton Ohio.

CWAI is a Christian based wrestling promotion, providing quality "Clean" wrestling shows, that you can feel confident about taking your children to. We don't preach religion, we just wrestle & entertain! Local and traveling shows to be annouced soon!

The CWAI "Warehouse" is also now the new home for Hawk's Pro Wrestling Training and the new home for the #HawkArmy! Current class is still in session, and a New class will be starting soon! Check back with for details!



Bobby Fulton's Champagne County fair show, August 2015