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Saturday Night November 19, Port Huron Michigan, Cody Hawk goes 1 on 1 with former ECW/WWE star CW Anderson.


Blue Water Championship Wrestling


WAR Nov 5.

#CodyHawk will be back in action in his home state of Ohio this weekend.  WAR wrestling is the place to be, Saturday night Nov. 5. 7:00p bell time. I will be in tag team action.

Cody Hawk & Jimmy Shane vs. John Murray & Bruce Gray.



Vegas/Cali photos


Early 7:00AM Flight out of Cincinnati.


Lunch with an old friend, Lance Surber, from our days in the HWA.


Night 2, I am the "Mummy". Freakshow Wrestling.


The "Mummy"


My referee for the evening, "Techno Destructo" From GWAR!


A bit of 6 man tag team action from Freakshow Wrestling.


One of the great young superstars from the Las Vegas scene, "Alexander Hammerstone".


The fans in Vegas are great! #HawkArmy is everywhere!


An old school brother, "Sinn Bodhi".


Up early, well kind of, lets do this!


Pool side in Vegas. That's where I want to be right now!


Getting some "Vegas Ink" From, my friend "Sinn".


Can't be in Vegas with out hitting up one of the top clubs, Omnia in Caesar's Palace. We had the VIP treatment here as we bypassed 100's of people to get in, and were treated like kings all night!


Got to love the Vegas fans. Big Valley Wrestling had plenty of them, and "The Hawk" was feeling much love!


Vegas/Cali in the books

So, the Hawk is officially back in Ohio. I wanted to take a few moments, or maybe a lot of moments to write up a little review of my epic wrestling adventure.

We arrived on Friday, very early in the morning. Plans were to rent a car and drive to California for our first booking. I found out after we were on the ground in Las Vegas, that we had been canceled off the Cali show. Huge bummer, and not the way I wanted to start the trip. While I was bummed, I now think it was a blessing in disguise. Driving the 6.5 hours to Cali, and wrestling, then driving the 6.5 hours back to Vegas would have sucked. Most likely would have cost more money, then we would have been made. Also, the promoter of the Cali fed has made plans with us, to bring us out, on a later date, and put together shows, and training seminars for us. It makes me happy when things don’t go right, and a promoter takes care of you. Having bookings canceled happens, and after 20 years in this great business, I understand that. Having promoters willing to go the extra mile to make it up to you is awesome. So many just don’t care.

Day 2. We got to hook up with an old friend from our HWA days here in Ohio. Big Hair Lance as some used to call him. He gave us a ride to the show, and went out of his way to hang out with us. Super cool to have friends that remember where they came from. We went to Freakshow Wrestling. Freakshow is run by one of our friends, Sinn Bodhi, and his girl Karen Kreep. Really, had no idea what to expect out of this show, and I can tell you I was totally blown away by it. Think pro wrestling meets Monty Python. A variety show featuring some really, awesome wrestlers, and entertainers. Karen is the wardrobe/makeup artist for the show. She did an awesome job of turning me in to a mummy for the night. She also turned Sean in to a lover from another planet. I watched her take care of props and gimmicks for all the people on the show. There were I’m guessing, about 40 talents booked. Everything from gorillas running the gorilla position, to Techno Destructo from GWAR fame, to chicken a referee, to a great young talent named Alexander Hammerstone playing the part of “Useless Aqua man” and really everything else in between. I was a part of a six-man tag. I had a partner that was based off the Winnie the Pooh character Eeyore, call the Depresslor, who got bummed out and killed himself mid match, and a one-legged man named Hip Hop Harry. We wrestled against Sean and Larry galaxy, lovers from another world, and a dude dressed like a skunk. Every so often, we would here a fart noise, and he would stink out the ring. Awesome stuff. Cody Rhodes was also booked on this show, and he wrestled against Iam Funnybone. Funnybone is by far my favorite Independent wrestling gimmick going today. I am a bit salty as I took a pic of us, and it didn’t turn out. Funnybone was doing the “Demon King” gimmick long before they started calling Finn Balor that in WWE. I saw a chick, named Staysha roll a frying pan, and bust watermelons between her thighs. All in all, this was an awesome show and experience! I highly recommend this show if your ever in Vegas. I know I (The Mummy) will be back!! Huge Thank you to Sinn and Karen for allowing me the pleasure!

Day 3. Had a great meeting with the former owner of FCW, Bill Brown. Yes, the same FCW, that was the developmental for WWE before NXT. Bill is a great promoter who ran many successful shows all over Florida. He has been touted as one of the most successful promoters out there. Bill has some great ideas and thoughts for doing some great things right here in Ohio. Will Bill Brown and Cody Hawk team up? Time will tell, but my guess is, you will see some great things coming from Bill and Cody in the future. Currently Bill is a tad bit involved in Big Valley Wrestling. Sunday afternoon I got to work for Bill and Bennie at Big Valley Wrestling. Bennie is a former referee of the famous GLOW wrestling promotion. BVW is a small company running shows, and helping to shape the future of many young wrestlers. I wrestled a guy named Leon Haterr. Leon is a quality hand, and a mainstay in the 2 big Vegas promotions. He is also the head trainer for the female lingerie MMA fight club. We had what I’d like to think was match of the show. Neither one of us came out victorious as one of their tag teams ran in on us. We rallied back, and finished the match to a standing O, and the fans asking us to team up, and many chanting for me to “please come back”. BVW has some awesome fans, who did their homework and know who Cody Hawk is. A huge thank you to all involved at BVW for allowing me the pleasure!

Day 4. I went back to BVW and taught a training camp. We had a great class of young stars ranging from 4 months to 4 years in the business. They were very respectful, and absorbed knowledge like sponges. It was a complete honor for me to get to work with them. They all have a very firm grasp on the business, and with time will become the next generation of Vegas stars. A huge thank you from me to all of them, for allowing me the pleasure!

Day 5. Finally, a day off. A bit of rest and relaxation pool side. Kind of odd getting a sunburn in late October. I rode out to Sinn’s tattoo place on the outskirts of Vegas. He freehanded an awesome piece on my shoulder. Once I got back to town, a quick shower and out to one of the hottest clubs in Vegas. Omnia in Caesar’s Palace. Once again our friend, Big Hair Lance and his roommate Joel came through with the hook up. By passed literally a hundred’s people in line, and let through the velvet rope, and treated like royalty. Was an amazing experience.

Day 6. Last Day, and poolside. Rest and relaxation, and preparations to come back home.

I had an awesome week in Las Vegas. Wrestling, training, meeting great talents, and making connections that someday might lead to something awesome. Stepping outside my box, and connecting with old friends. I preach to my kids all the time about putting together trips like this. It takes effort and time. You, must use your connections, and to use them, you must get out of town and make them!

Thanks to my partner Sean Casey. We killed it bro.

Lastly, I must thank my other half, Sarah Garrett. Sarah has pushed me over the last few years to be the wrestling guy I was always meant to be. She has taught me how to truly make money, and enjoy whatever time I still have left in the ring. She worked our Vape shop for 6 days alone while I went off to play wrestler. She is an accountant by trade, single mom, home schooling her boy. She has her own busy life to take care of, and for her to allow me the pleasure is something I cannot even describe to you. Everyone needs a person like that in their life. I am a very lucky man. I get to live my dream almost every day, I get to have a business, and I get to have an amazing family. Thank you, Sarah, for allowing me the pleasure. I only hope is that one day I can repay you.

Las Vegas wrestling scene, Thank you for the pleasure, and I will see you again!

Cody Hawk


Huge week ahead

The Hawk goes coast to coast. What an exciting week I have ahead of me. I get to go back to California to wrestle. It has been years since I wrestled there. Then I get to go to my favorite place in the universe, Las Vegas for 5 days of wrestling, and I will be teaching a training camp for Big Valley Wrestling. If you are a fan of #CodyHawk and kick ass professional wrestling and in the Santa Maria CA or Las Vegas NV area, stop out and visit and say hi!

Friday Oct 21 Vendetta Pro Wrestling - Santa Maria Califonia

Saturday Oct 22 Freakshow Wrestling - Las Vegas Nevada

Sunday Oct 23 Big Valley Wrestling - Las Vegas Neveda

Monday Oct 24 BVW present #HawksProWrestlingTrainingCamp - Las Vegas

Tuesday - off

Wednesday Oct 26 Training in the desert with my #HawkArmyOriginal brother Jon Moxley




Article: The Athens Messenger


Cody was featured in an article from The Athens Messenger, covering the recent World Classic Professional Big Time Wrestling event at Athens County Fair. Check out a few excerpts from the article and read the full article at the link below!

An event dubbed “World Classic Professional Big Time Wrestling” made its first-ever appearance Friday night at the Athens County Fair, eight matches in all, with a large Grandstand Arena crowd star-struck and dazzled by the action. Hundreds of fans who waited in line during the pre-event “Meet and Greet” to have autographs signed and photos taken with some of their all-time favorite wrestlers — at $10 per pop — said it was well worth it. Those legends included Buff “The Stuff” Bagwell, Bushwhacker (Sheepherder) Luke Williams, Road Warrior Animal, the Honky Tonk Man, and “Fantastic” Bobby Fulton.

The wrestlers gave the Grandstand audience a heavy dose of villain versus hero format from the very first match, which featured a snarling “The Icon” Cody Hawk winning his bout over the younger crowd favorite, Matt Brannigan. The next match featured another villain, Robbie “Super” Star, who incensed the audience by telling them he would leave if they called him a “loser.” It didn’t work and the “L” word came raining down on his ears.
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Steel Radio

Here is a link to a pod cast I did this past weekend! Give it a listen if you have some free time!


Triple shot weekend!


Huge Triple shot weekend for the Hawk. If your a fan, and in the area, please stop out to one of these great events. WAR Ohio at the Putnam County Fair, Friday and Saturday, and CWAI Warehouse wars on Sunday afternoon!




Audio: Electric City Wrestling Fans Podcast

Cody took part in a Podcast with Electric City Wrestling Fans and talked training and living with Dean Ambrose, how he got his own start in the business, WWF tryouts and more! Listen below!

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Hawk's Pro Wrestling Training

Do you have what it takes to climb to the top rope, and  achieve success? #HawksProWrestlingTraining #EarnYourSpot #HawkArmy