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WAR 13 Jan 30, 2016

First official booking of 2016,


Promoters, lets fill that calendar up! Contact Cody by e-mail:


Booking 2016 now!

Cody Hawk is now accepting bookings for 2016. I am a 20 year veteran of the squared circle, and Trainer of WWE star Dean Ambrose, former NXT star Soloman Crowe/SamiCallihan, TnA star Eli Drake and countless other Indie stars. If you would like to have me on your show, and/or run a training camp in your area, please contact me via;

Thank you, and Happy New Years!


One last Time


Cody Hawk vs. Karl "Machine Gun" Anderson

NWF in Fairfield Ohio 12-26-2015

What a great way to end 2015. One final match between 2 guys, who have been sworn enemies for nearly 2 decades!


A Reunion in the Heartland

A Reunion in the Heartland


This will be a reunion show for the old school wrestlers of the Heartland Wrestling Association. This is the first show that Cody has run in 2 years. Tickets for this event sold out in less than a weeks time. Check back soon for pics and videos from this amazing night of Heartland wrestling action!


Site Update: New Look!

Screenshot (2345)
We're excited to unveil a brand new look here on Cody-Hawk.Net, something a little darker we hope you'll enjoy. We've added Cody's T Shirt store to the site so be sure to drop by and show your support. The Gallery will be fully updated shortly and everything you need to know should be easily accessible. Lots more to come so watch this space!

The new class of Cody Hawk's Pro wrestling students!


Exciting times. We shall see how many of them are still around when we get to the end.


Video: Cody Hawk Vs Jon Moxley - Cyberclash 2006

We're excited to release this awesome match from Heartland Wrestling Association, the training ground of one Dean Ambrose! He faced trainer and mentor Cody Hawk for the HWA Heavyweight Championship in a steel cage match after a lengthy feud, we guarantee you're going to enjoy it!

Photos from my Epic Battle with Chance Prophet

Some great photos of my epic battle with Chance Prophet. Even though I came out on the losing end, there is no shame in losing to that guy! He's a beast and I happy to have gotten to share a ring with him! Related Links 1. Candids by Metal Pixie Photography

Wrestle Reunion

wrestlereunionFirst time EVER

Former NWA Champion Chance Prophet vs. Cody Hawk

chance vs. aiwfhawk


Days of the Dead

Days of the Dead

This weekend, June 26-28. Join Cody Hawk at the Days of the Dead horror convention in Indianapolis Indiana. Visit the My Custom Vapes booth to get all your vaping needs! That is also where you will find Cody Hawk. I will be selling tee shirts pics, and sign ups for my next training class!