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Husky interview w/ Amanda


Check out a great interview with one of my former female students. Huskie Howard from Wrestle Ohio sits down with Amanda de la Cruz. She gives a good bit of insight on being in the business and training with me! Click the link below to give it a read!

Amanda de la Cruz interview.

Be sure to check out the site and read plenty of other interviews from many local wrestling stars.


This stuff hurts

How tough are you?

 I like to push until you break, then force you to go a little more. It's amazing what positive words and a I want people to be better attitude has on students. I want you to be not good, but great! I expect it and I hate settling for anything less. We now have several 100 squats under our belts and cardio has become everyone's best friend. If you can't breath you can't think. If you can't over. Headed in to week 3. The initial bruises and scrapes are healing. The lactic acid in the muscles is going away, but the Hawk is just getting started and now it's time to get down to business.

Below are photos of Brittany after her first week in my wrestling camp.



Meet the new class

Main event Pro Wrestling Camp

Meet the new students

November 10, 2014 I began my latest pro wrestling training camp. This class is small, but so far is full of heart. If any one knows me and how I train, then you know I push till you break, then I push some more just to prove you have it in you. I am very happy to be entering our third week, with no one quitting so far. Over the next 20 weeks or so I will detail every little thing that happens at training here on my site. Check back weekly to keep up with their progress.

Meet the greenhorns!

Kyle Hall  17 Xenia Ohio

Tony Watson 18 McComb Ohio

Brittany Palikani 17  Cincinnati Ohio

Returning wrestlers from previous classes-

I challenged all the local talent to get better. Sadly only a few have chosen to try.

Matt Branningan

Amanda de la Cruz


AIWF First Class

This Friday Night! 11/21


 6972 South Dixie High Way Franklin Ohio. Bell time 7:00pm.


Hawks old school Training week 1

Meet the class.

Each and every week check back here to  follow the progress of my newest class of aspiring pro wrestling hopefuls as they learn all about our great business. I will be keeping a log of progress here for the world to see, so you better believe they will bring it, or they will be embarrassed! Our business is not easy, and is not for every one. If I had a dollar for every time some one told me that being a pro wrestler  is their dream, only to find out this dream is hard work, I'd be a rich guy. My newest students, a couple of guys and a girl, seem to be able to hack what I can dish out for now. Check back next week, as I will introduce you to the new class!


Training class

Hawks old school training

Begins tonight, Monday Nov 10. 6p beginners, 8p advanced. Come wearing loose fitting clothing, gym or wrestling shoes, open eyes and ears, CLOSED mouths! Follow the progress of my new students right here each and every week as I update and do everything in my power to get them started on the right road.


Double shot 2

Huge Double shot weekend!

Friday 11/7 and Saturday 11/8

This is your chance to come out and see the Hawk live in action. Friday Cody takes on the 500lb. Bigga Black in Franklin Ohio, his quest to regain the AIWF First Class Heavy weight title. Then check him out on Saturday as he faces one of his best students, and toughest foes in Aaron Williams for WAR Wrestling in Lima. Cody and Bigga have seen minimal action in the ring against each other but this promises to be a fantastic match of smaller more agile vs. pure size and strength. The "Baddest Man Alive" Aaron Williams has been partners with Hawk, and across the ring from Cody many times. They have a fairly ever record facing each other over the years. This may be the last time you will ever see these men battle each other. Either way this will ba a fantastic weekend to come out catch some wrestling and follow the Hawk in his quest to continue being the man!!!





Hardcore Halloween Oct. 31

Cody Hawk vs. B.J. Whitmer

Talk about a blast from the past, as Cody Hawk takes on one of his old buddies from the fabled HWA days, current Ring of Honor star B.J. Whitmer. These two have faced off several times in the past and it has been nothing short of amazing. The last time they faced off barbed wire was brought in to the ring by Hawk, and it was turned against him as B.J. bloodied the Hawk's face bad! This is a must see match and possibly the last time these two men will ever face off. Friday night, Halloween, 6972 South Dixie High Way Franklin Ohio. Bell time 7:00pm.



Casket match


Cody Hawk vs. Eric Fallen

Friday night Oct 24. Cody Hawk will do battle with one of his greatest foes in Eric Fallen. This wont just be any match, as the last time they faced they nearly tore the AIWF First class arena apart! This time only one will survive and the other will be out in a casket!! That's this Friday night @ the Miami Valley Sports Center  6972 South Dixie High Way Franklin Ohio. Bell time 7:00pm, hawkfallen


Hawk vs. Samson

For the first time ever!

Cody hawk takes on Jock Samson


After years of working on shows together it has finally happened. Cody Hawk and Jock Samson will go one on one this Friday night n Franklin Ohio for the AIWF First Class Heavy weight Championship. Come watch with what will surely be a sell out crowd,  these two men do what they do. Wrestle hard and entertain the fans.