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Ribbin on the Square

Ribben on the Square


Check out my good friends Eddie Gonzales and H2O Heather Owens for Ribbin on the Square, every Tuesday night @ 9:00p on FDTC radio network. If you have heavy, colorful opinions about all things pro-wrestling, then this is a show for you!


AIWF Friday

Hawk in Action 10/3


The AIWF First Class Champion Cody Hawk will be in action this Friday night in Franklin Ohio. Cody will be defending for the first time,  his AIWF First Class Heavy Weight Championship against Tommy "T-dogg" Forman.

6972 South Dixie High Way Franklin Ohio. Bell time 7:00pm,  admission $5.


Successful Weekend.

Muscle buster for Mathis


This past Friday night in Franklin Ohio, at the OoPW's debut event,  Cody Hawk defeated current CzW star, "Relentless"Ron Mathis by pin fall.  This pairing has several years of history, with Hawk and Mathis doing battle multiple times in the past. Ron is one of Hawk's former students, who has gone on to build a name for himself in the wrestling business. The former student has always tried to best the teacher, but to this day still has NOT been able to put the Hawk down.

*photo credit- James Garner


Cody Hawk's Main Event Pro Wrestling Camp

ARE YOU READY FOR THE MAIN EVENT?    ARE YOU THE NEXT BIG THING?   Cody Hawk proudly presents his next 20 week / 100 hour class.  Beginners & Advanced Classes available! (See Details Below) CALLING ALL:
  • Wrestling hopefuls,
  • Referees,
  • Managers/Valets AND
  • Current wrestlers looking to take their game to the next level.
Beginners Class -  100 hours spread over 20 weeks Beginning on Monday, November 10 and running every Monday and Tuesday night from 6:00p-8:00p, for twenty weeks, Cody will be training NEW, untrained, wrestling hopefuls, as well as current wrestlers who want a restart to their wrestling career. You will be trained correctly from the ground up, if you start here with Cody Hawk. This class will revolve around learning all the basics of our great business in order to provide you with a solid foundation to build upon.  You will also be taught backstage etiquette and how to conduct yourself as a professional wrestler. Advanced Class* - 100 hours spread over 20 weeks Beginning Monday November 10 and running every Monday and Tuesday night from 8:00p-10:00p, for twenty weeks,  Cody will be working directly with you in-ring to improve your existing skills and add to your wrestling brain. You will be focusing on ring psychology and placement, cardio, back stage etiquette, Self-Promotion/Marketing, promo skills and character development.   Cody’s reputation speaks for itself.  with his trainees and students being featured on shows all over the world, including WWE. For more pricing and additional information, or to reserve your spot, please contact: Paid in full Discounts & Payment Plans Available! *This class is for TRAINED wrestlers, referees, manager/valets ONLY.  Please note: For safety purposes, Cody Hawk reserves the right to move you from the advanced class to the beginners class upon further evaluation of your in-ring capabilities. This camp will be held in the AIWF First Class (1CW),6972 South Dixie High Way Franklin Ohio.

Exclusive Video: HWA Cody Hawk & Jon Moxley Arena Brawl

As their feud raged on in Heartland Wrestling Association Cody Hawk and Jon Moxley (WWE's Dean Ambrose) quite literally tore the place up in 2006 as they brawled around the arena. Released by Cody-Hawk.Net, Heartland Wrestling Association and Dean-Ambrose.Net.

Welcome to CodyHawk.Net!

Welcome to CodyHawk.Net - The Official Website of Pro Wrestling and trainer Cody Hawk! This website is a brand new venture and will feature all upcoming dates including shows and seminars as well as training camps and more. So if you're looking to see Cody in action or wanting to get trained by the best, here's where you'll find all you need to know! You'll also be able to delve in to background information and credentials, as well as a look at some of the top names to have graduated from under Cody's tutelage. Make sure to bookmark and check back often for much more from Cody himself as well as exclusives you won't find anywhere else. Thanks for visiting!