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Archive for December 2014


Got pics?

Do you have pics of Cody?

If you have any event pics with Cody and you would like to see them posted here, Please e-mail them to We will post them here and give you full credit for your work. New pics, old pics, any pics of Cody from any show or event. Thank you in advance.

60 minutes of pure pleasure

AIWF 1st. Class 12/26 results

3,600 seconds -Sixty minutes.

I would love to get on here and gloat. Love to talk about how bad I beat Eric Fallen. Strangely though I'm having trouble doing that. Truth is, I actually beat Erik Fallen worse than I thought I would.. Now I'm not going to lie and say that I am in perfect shape after putting Fallen down five, count them 5 TIMES. Cause I'm kind of beat to shit and back. He put me and  my body through hell. I'm limping today and have a large marble sized knot next to my eye. My back is toast and I got a hangnail on my left index finger.  Fallen made it a fight, and did gain a few pinfalls over me. I am proud to have gone 60 minutes with Fallen. Proud of the match, and proud of Fallen as a wrestler.  It takes a hell of a warrior to climb into a wrestling ring and go for 60 minutes. Put your life in danger for 60 minutes. Especially against someone like myself  The fans got what they wanted to see, Fallen beat me up and knocked me around, but in the end, it was Cody Hawk that won, by proving I am still the top of the ladder. And I don't give five more minutes unless I'm paid for them! Professional - Look it up! Whats next for me? Well I guess I will continue my quest to rid the world of crappy wrestlers, promoters, and shows. AIWF 1st Class....Who's gonna stop me? Eric Fallen didn't get the job done. None of them, that's who. Most couldn't even tie my boots. Especially Chris Morgan. Yeah... I remember your name punk. Now it's time for you to start remembering mine! See ya soon kid.  

60 minute Iron man

AIWF First Class


This Friday night Dec 26. Just one day removed from the Christmas season I will step into battle with a man who has been one of my best friends in this amazing business, and also has been one of my greatest foes. This man and I have battled many times over the past 5 years. He has taken me to my limit several times, and I have taken him to a level I'm sure he never thought he would go to. Eric Fallen vs. Cody Hawk one more time for AIWF First Class. In our last two meetings we have beaten each other half to death. Last time I had the pleasure of pinning the Paranormal one to the mat. This Friday night, not only do I get the chance to pin him again, I get the chance to do it several times as we face off in a 60 MINUTE IRON MAN MATCH.

6972 South Dixie Highway Franklin Ohio 7p. *SPECIAL $3.00 admission. Get out there and support Independent Professional Wrestling!



WAR Hawk vs. Titan


First class ass whooping.

AIWF First Class

Well another Friday has come and gone. The Hawk has blessed the the people of Franklin, and 1CW with his presence again. Picked up a stellar win over a former student of mine who know goes around calling himself a douche. The fans chant this and they all think it's a good thing. Really? WTF is wrong with you people. Later in the night The fans were begging for me to do more in the show, than just my match. They were begging for some one to come to the ring and end that abortion of a main event. They begged for me to put that guy can't remember his Matt, no, Bob, no that's not it, o well it doesn't matter anyways, He's a loser either way. Any how they were begging me to put him on his head and that just what I did. Marcus Magnum was in my way, and he seems to be pretty happy with the outcome, so no harm no foul. I may once again this Friday bless you with my presence, and then again I might watch paint dry. Thats about as fun as a 1CW show.




Just finished listening to Chris Jericho's most recent podcast EP. 98 with Dean Ambrose. Give it a listen if you got a hour and 15 minutes to kill. He talks about training with me around the one hour mark. If you're interested in training, e-mail me. I have a class in session now (that you can join) that will resume after the holidays!


AIWF 12/12

Called out in Franklin

So, I have been contacted by the promoters of AIWF First Class and have been told that I am being forced to go back to the Piggly Wiggly to full fill my contractual obligations. That means I need to load up on Hand sanitizer, air fresheners, and make sure all my shots are up to date. Just something about that place, it's wrestlers (or lack there of) and it's fans.

So this week I am being forced to wrestle one of my former students. Die hard Tom Mclane, not to be confused with Double bypass Tom Mclain. This is the way they think they will get me under control. Pth.... Die Hard, I'm going to put this out there right now. If you decide to not show up, I wont be mad at you. Just means I don't have to put my gear on and grace those ingrates with my wrestling excellence. How ever if you do decide to show up, I guess I'll have to treat you just like the no name guy I destroyed 2 weeks ago. When it's all said and done I'll be scraping you and the rest of the shit from Franklin off my boots!

 6972 South Dixie High Way Franklin Ohio. Bell time 7:00pm.aiwf


Solid weekend of work!

 AIWF First Class 12/5

Well there is not to much to say about this night. I decided that driving the whole 7 miles to Franklin, was to much. Eric Fallen may have wanted to call me out, Doublestuff Tom Mclain may have wanted to call me out, the no name guy that got lucky when the referee fast counted me two weeks ago may have wanted to call me out. So sorry guys and no name guy. I was busy.



Gearing up for Battle against the Titan 2 WAR Ohio.


Very comfortable in the ring. It's my home away from home!


Make that break legal kid or referee Joe Kopasz will have to call it!


All else fails, choke them out. Well, that was his plan, fortunately for me he was not successful.


He fought hard, and for a moment in time, he thought he might win.  No matter what he may have thought, if you end up on my shoulders like he is in this pic.... Lights out!


Another hard fought victory. I'm 41 years old, wrestling men literally half my age. I prove everytime I get in the ring, that I deserve to be there!

Photos courtesy of;

Ashley Marie Photography


Double shot weekend

Huge weekend for the Hawk 11/5 11/6

Come out and join me @ AIWF First Class In Franklin Ohio on Friday, then again for WAR Wrestling in Lima Ohio on Saturday!


Many rumors are running rampant in the confines of AIWF First class. People want to know why I would turn my back on those who gave me a place to exist after being exiled from my last home. This past Friday night after a hard fought match against some poor smuck, that for the life of me, I can't even remember his name, I decided to firmly let everyone there know how I feel. I come from a wrestling back ground. I train hard every day. I work my ass off. I get in the ring with  these kids that think they are the second coming of the Rock or Stone Cold. They think they can go. They think they can entertain. Fact of the matter is I out wrestle them, I out cardio them, and I out entertain them. At the end of the day the distance between myself and the "boys" that are the current crop of up and comers makes me shake my head. You think cause you are in front of 50 fans (that you'r related to or are you personal friends) in a Piggly Wiggly cheering for you, that you have made it? You think you have arrived? I run a training class every Monday and Tuesday out of the same location. Guess how many of the local superstars make their way to my class to get better. ZERO. Not a SINGLE FUCKING ONE! Maybe they think I have nothing to teach? Maybe they think they are already the best they can be? I don't know, and I hate to be a buzz kill, But YOU ALL SUCK!!!! When you can step in the ring with me and go 30 minutes nonstop and entertain the shit out of the crowd then maybe you can call yourself a pro. Until then go back to the yard or wherever you came from and stop killing our beautiful business! For all those that continue to think they are great and need to do nothing to better yourself, I look forward to your debut on RAW! Fucking ass holes. So this Friday, we all want answers. I have been called out by Doublestuff Tom McClain. He has also enlisted one of my great rivals, Eric Fallen. You both want to challenge me and my principals, well Friday you go on ahead a show up. Go out to the ring and call me out! If your lucky I wont be there. If your luck has run out then you will both face a beating of a lifetime.


Changing gears a little, I get to tangle with the Titan on Saturday in Lima. Very much looking forward to this match. This kid impressed me so much over the last year. I plan to help make his first match at WAR wrestling a memorable one. Make no mistake though, I will pull out all the stops and put him on his back. He will know he was in a fight. When it's all said and done I will leave Lima the same way I came in to Lima... as the Mother F'n Man!