2016 is in it's final hours. Iv'e read a lot of posts on social media, about how bad 2016 was for some, but for myself 2016 was pretty dang great! In January I joined forces with RJ Smith III to take #HawksProWrestlingTrainingCamp to another level, in a decent space, and help get the #CWAI up and running the way it should be. I taught 2&1/2 sessions this year with 20 new students, only 8 of them left. Some are just now getting their first matches and first tastes of Independent Pro Wrestling. My top student in 2016 happened to be a girl, Shawna Reed, and she has made a huge impact, and has already had her first trip to the #WWE. The #HawkArmy grows ever stronger!! I also traveled a lot more in 2016 than I have in the last several years. Taking bookings in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, WV, & Nevada. Did training camps in all those states as well. All the feds I am working for now, are the real deal. Not small promotions that are happy with a 75 person house. #WAR, #CWAI, & #WCPBTW in Ohio, #MEGA in WV, #BWCW in Michigan, #BVW and #Freakshow in Nevada. Thank you to all the promoters who booked me and gave me a spot on their shows. Thomas Williams, Bobby Fulton, Andrew M D'Arcy, Sinn Bodhi, Bill Brown John Cooper & RJ Smith III all class acts with awesome, money making promotions. I got to renew my tag team relationship with my brotha from anotha motha, Sean Casey. We have taken the #5MW on the road, and are set to take it it to a new level in 2017. Met lots of new peeps and made some new friends all over the country. Got to wrestle some really amazing wrestlers in 2016. Nate Mattson, Leon Haterr, and Chris Wright stand out as three of my favorite opponents this year! Jen Lee continues to bring you www.codyhawk.net which in my opinion is an awesome site! Mel Miller, Lesley Dunlop, Elaine O Neill, Kimmi McGrady and Steffi Turner running the Cody Hawk fan pages on various social media platform, and/or pushing my brand worldwide. #GetCodyBookedInTheUK is their slogan!! Thank you ladies so much!! Much love to all my #HawkArmyOriginals for your continued loyalty! Ed Gonzales Heather Owens Brad Nicholas Brian Rector Eric Trice Lil C, Jaxon Breeze & Dru Roberson . If I forgot someone, I'm sorry. I'm getting older and the brain ain't what it used to be. Switching gears from wrestling to my personal life. My vape shop My Custom Vapes has done very well this year, even with the stifling FDA literally destroying the vape industry. We/I have helped several hundred people kick the cigarette habit to the curb. We are litterly changing peoples lives!! Bryan McIntosh Picked up a second car this year, and got my first gym membership in about 7 years. Made a complete switch in my diet, eating only organic, non gmo foods, and natural roots & herbs as medicine. After maybe 10 years of drinking 2.5 liters of Diet Mnt Dew every day, I am now soda free for 6 months!! Also in the process of moving homes, for a complete fresh start in the New Year. Got several new tattoos, from William Brandenburg, and Sinn Bodhi and have plans for many more in the new year. Made some new friends outside of wrestling, and now have another couple to actually hang out with and have a good time, in a non wrestling environment. Jessica Wood, Justin Wood And last but certainly not least, my lady, my queen, and the brain that keeps Cody Hawk moving forward, Sarah Garrett. We have had a crazy year. Things have gone in many directions, that weren't always positive, but in the end, we have happiness, and love, and that's all that really matters. Almost 6 years now we have been together, and we have grown so much. She has pushed me to expand my brand, and has been 100% supportive & selfless in the fact that I get to live my dream every day. Her son G, who is 12, has given me the chance to have the child I never had. So frustrating, yet so amazing watching him grow up. Getting to be a male role model for him is one of the neatest things I have ever done. Thank you both for allowing me to be a part of your lives. I am so lucky to be be loved the way I am! In closing, if you had a bad 2016, I am sorry for that. I hope your 2017 is better. Thank you to all who have supported Cody Hawk, and Independent wrestling. Thank you to every one I wrestled this year. Thank you to all the promoters who booked me, Thank you to all the customers who supported My Custom Vapes, thank you to my family for always being supportive, and always being there no matter what, so many don't have that! Thank you to my girl Sarah and her son Garrett. I wish nothing but happiness and prosperity for all of you in 2017! Live life to it's fullest, because as we grow older and see our childhood heroes die, it really puts reality in to the fact, that any or all of us could be gone tomorrow. So get out there and make life happen!! Peace love and happiness from Cody Hawk to all!