Solid weekend of work!

 AIWF First Class 12/5

Well there is not to much to say about this night. I decided that driving the whole 7 miles to Franklin, was to much. Eric Fallen may have wanted to call me out, Doublestuff Tom Mclain may have wanted to call me out, the no name guy that got lucky when the referee fast counted me two weeks ago may have wanted to call me out. So sorry guys and no name guy. I was busy.



Gearing up for Battle against the Titan 2 WAR Ohio.


Very comfortable in the ring. It's my home away from home!


Make that break legal kid or referee Joe Kopasz will have to call it!


All else fails, choke them out. Well, that was his plan, fortunately for me he was not successful.


He fought hard, and for a moment in time, he thought he might win.  No matter what he may have thought, if you end up on my shoulders like he is in this pic.... Lights out!


Another hard fought victory. I'm 41 years old, wrestling men literally half my age. I prove everytime I get in the ring, that I deserve to be there!

Photos courtesy of;

Ashley Marie Photography

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