First class ass whooping.

AIWF First Class

Well another Friday has come and gone. The Hawk has blessed the the people of Franklin, and 1CW with his presence again. Picked up a stellar win over a former student of mine who know goes around calling himself a douche. The fans chant this and they all think it's a good thing. Really? WTF is wrong with you people. Later in the night The fans were begging for me to do more in the show, than just my match. They were begging for some one to come to the ring and end that abortion of a main event. They begged for me to put that guy ....um... can't remember his name...um Matt, no, Bob, no that's not it, o well it doesn't matter anyways, He's a loser either way. Any how they were begging me to put him on his head and that just what I did. Marcus Magnum was in my way, and he seems to be pretty happy with the outcome, so no harm no foul. I may once again this Friday bless you with my presence, and then again I might watch paint dry. Thats about as fun as a 1CW show.


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