60 minute Iron man

AIWF First Class


This Friday night Dec 26. Just one day removed from the Christmas season I will step into battle with a man who has been one of my best friends in this amazing business, and also has been one of my greatest foes. This man and I have battled many times over the past 5 years. He has taken me to my limit several times, and I have taken him to a level I'm sure he never thought he would go to. Eric Fallen vs. Cody Hawk one more time for AIWF First Class. In our last two meetings we have beaten each other half to death. Last time I had the pleasure of pinning the Paranormal one to the mat. This Friday night, not only do I get the chance to pin him again, I get the chance to do it several times as we face off in a 60 MINUTE IRON MAN MATCH.

6972 South Dixie Highway Franklin Ohio 7p. *SPECIAL $3.00 admission. Get out there and support Independent Professional Wrestling!


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