60 minutes of pure pleasure

AIWF 1st. Class 12/26 results

3,600 seconds -Sixty minutes.

I would love to get on here and gloat. Love to talk about how bad I beat Eric Fallen. Strangely though I'm having trouble doing that. Truth is, I actually beat Erik Fallen worse than I thought I would.. Now I'm not going to lie and say that I am in perfect shape after putting Fallen down five, count them 5 TIMES. Cause I'm kind of beat to shit and back. He put me and  my body through hell. I'm limping today and have a large marble sized knot next to my eye. My back is toast and I got a hangnail on my left index finger.  Fallen made it a fight, and did gain a few pinfalls over me. I am proud to have gone 60 minutes with Fallen. Proud of the match, and proud of Fallen as a wrestler.  It takes a hell of a warrior to climb into a wrestling ring and go for 60 minutes. Put your life in danger for 60 minutes. Especially against someone like myself  The fans got what they wanted to see, Fallen beat me up and knocked me around, but in the end, it was Cody Hawk that won, by proving I am still the top of the ladder. And I don't give five more minutes unless I'm paid for them! Professional - Look it up! Whats next for me? Well I guess I will continue my quest to rid the world of crappy wrestlers, promoters, and shows. AIWF 1st Class....Who's gonna stop me? Eric Fallen didn't get the job done. None of them, that's who. Most couldn't even tie my boots. Especially Chris Morgan. Yeah... I remember your name punk. Now it's time for you to start remembering mine! See ya soon kid.  
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