next victim

AIWF 1st Class

This Friday night

AIWF 1st Class 6972 South Dixie Highway, Franklin Ohio. 7:15p bell $5

Cody Hawk vs. Matt "the Next Victim" Venge Ance

For the better part of my career I have tried to make people better. I have tried to take people to another level. I have tried to make every place I have ever worked better. I have succeeded in just about everyone of those things. I have been able to take wrestlers and promotions from nothing to the top of the mountain. I have given backyard tards a place to train and learn our amazing business. I've taken talent blobs of flesh, that haven't an ounce of talent, and made them into something that was valuable to the show.

Another thing I have done in my career is try to rid our business of crappy wrestlers, promoter, and promotions. The world is full of them. Seems any jack off with money to rent a ring (lets call him double bypass Tom Mclane) can run  a show and put his crappy untrained friends (Lets call them Chris Morgan and others) on the show. This past year I joined a company (lets call it AIWF 1st Class)  that for lack of anything better to say, sucked! A few ok talents(lets be honest they all suck), but for the most part just a bunch of guys playing wrestler on the weekends. It's close to my house and they pay well for my services, or else I wouldn't even be there.  After joining them I quickly was able to pin and defeat the champion (lets call him less than average Chris Morgan), becoming the greatest talent to ever hold their worthless title. I then over the next several weeks defended that title against the biggest and baddest that AWIF 1st Class had to offer. After becoming bored with the title I let it go to someone else.

The last two weeks I have competed  against the only man in AIWF 1st Class that could possibly ever rival me in the ring. Eric Fallen and I went for 60 minutes 2 weeks ago. After competing to a time limit draw, this past Friday I was forced to fight him again in a no dq no time limit match. I was able to not only put Fallen on his back, but I broke then paranormal ones spirit and and made him just normal.  After defeating Fallen last Friday night, Chris Morgan decide he needed to intervene and become part of my scene. He quickly found out how easy it is to be stuck on your head. Playing games on Facebook, and warning me how bad his brother Matt "the next victim" Venge Ance will beat me is comical at best.

Chris Morgan. Talking directly down to you kid. I am a professional wrestler. Not a weekend warrior. I leave more wrestling knowledge in the toilet every day then you have in your entire being. Stepping into the ring with me, while great for your career, can also be very dangerous to your health. Consider yourself and your family warned.

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