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Cody was featured in an article from The Athens Messenger, covering the recent World Classic Professional Big Time Wrestling event at Athens County Fair. Check out a few excerpts from the article and read the full article at the link below!

An event dubbed “World Classic Professional Big Time Wrestling” made its first-ever appearance Friday night at the Athens County Fair, eight matches in all, with a large Grandstand Arena crowd star-struck and dazzled by the action. Hundreds of fans who waited in line during the pre-event “Meet and Greet” to have autographs signed and photos taken with some of their all-time favorite wrestlers — at $10 per pop — said it was well worth it. Those legends included Buff “The Stuff” Bagwell, Bushwhacker (Sheepherder) Luke Williams, Road Warrior Animal, the Honky Tonk Man, and “Fantastic” Bobby Fulton.

The wrestlers gave the Grandstand audience a heavy dose of villain versus hero format from the very first match, which featured a snarling “The Icon” Cody Hawk winning his bout over the younger crowd favorite, Matt Brannigan. The next match featured another villain, Robbie “Super” Star, who incensed the audience by telling them he would leave if they called him a “loser.” It didn’t work and the “L” word came raining down on his ears.
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