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Cody Hawk was born in 1973 in Dayton Ohio. Growing up in rural Ohio he quickly became a fan of sports. Especially the rougher ones like football and pro wrestling. At an early age Cody was already developing a passion and love for professional wrestling. He attended and graduated from Bellbrook high school, where he was a member of the high school track, football, and wrestling teams. Cody then moved on to college graduating with an Associates degree in education. Soon after college, in 1994, Cody could be found at the drag strip every Saturday night helping a friend who was a serious racer. At this point Cody was staring to race his own car, a 1978 Trans Am, and he thought that racing might be the career path for him. In 1995 his past love affair with pro wrestling was brought back to life while viewing an episode of WCW"s Thursday Thunder with his then brother in law Jaxon Breeze. In February of 1996, Jaxon took Cody to Les Thatcher's Main Event Pro Wrestling Camp, and the home of the Heartland Wrestling Association. The HWA was based out of Cincinnati Ohio. Les Thatcher was the figurehead and gave the company legitimacy. He also ran the training school. By April of 1996 Cody had sold his race car and was using the money he made to finance his pro wrestling training. Thatcher produced several great talents, who spent time in the camp with Cody. Hawk trained with guys like former TnA star Sharkboy, RoH & TnA's Nigel (Desmond Wolfe) McGuinness. Cody trained and worked as a referee for 28 months before being ALLOWED to wrestle on a live event. Cody quickly caught fire and began wrestling every weekend. But that wasn't enough. Cody kept pushing and four weeks after his debut match in August 1998 Cody would get his first of many invites to the WWE. Cody spent the first eleven years of his career with HWA, he also wrestled for well over one hundred other Independent companies all across the Eastern half of the United states. Cody was a part of the WWE developmental program in Cincinnati Ohio. From July 2001 to July 2002 the HWA, was part of the WWE developmental program. Most guys from HWA, were weeded out and replaced by national T.V. stars. Cody was one of the few guys who survived the cuts and was able to not only keep his spot, but secure a prominent place in the developmental system. During the contract years, Cody got to learn from many of the industry’s best. Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Steven Regal, Dave Taylor and countless others that were stationed in the Queen city. Over the next couple of years we would find him working for WCW, and WWE on a regular basis. In 2001 Hawk would take over the duties as trainer at the HWA, and in February of 2003 he would purchase Heartland from Thatcher and take it to one of the largest Independent companies in the United States with T.V. coverage in 148 cities coast to coast. Hawk and HWA, would pioneer what would become one of the first Internet or IPPV’s of today when they did an IPPV in March 2006 HWA’s Cyberclash. Hawk would main event that IPPV against his star student Jon Moxley, aka WWE's Dean Ambrose.
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Cody would own HWA until 2007. After leaving HWA Cody didn't stay gone long, opening EGO Pro Wrestling out of Dayton Ohio. While at EGO Cody ran the Brian Pillman Memorial 10 year anniversary show. EGO eventually morph in to Rockstar Pro in 2009, where he would stay until June of 2014. Hawk was the head trainer and writer/booker for HWA, EGO, Rockstar, and the CWAI. Cody has received many accolades in his 23 years. He has won many championships as a singles and a tag team wrestler and traveled the world over. Cody has been very fortunate to wrestle for all the big companies, WWF/E, WCW, RoH, OVW, HWA, JCW amd more. He has wrestled in 42 states and taken bookings in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada and Africa. Hawk has produced many other stars who were destined for fame in the wrestling world. Currently besides Ambrose, Cody has former students working for Lucha Underground - Jeremiah Crane (formerly Sami Callihan) and Impact Wrestling's Eli Drake (formerly Dick Rick). Hawk has also trained several females to success. With his most notable being Hailey Hatred who became a female Japanese sensation winning gold in every promotion she went to. Hawk's current top student Shawna Reed has already been to the WWE several times, and made her first European tour in late 2017 and due for her second in June of 2019.  In addition Hawk has students competing in Ring of Honor, JCW and CZW. Hawks style of training is very old school and no non-sense. He teaches the basics from the ground up. You will get a complete education on wrestling history, back stage etiquette, ring psychology, character development and all the necessary tools to make money in our great business. As Hawk enters his 23rd year in the business with more than 3000 matches under his belt. He has sustained several serious injuries during his time in the business including a broken neck in 2003. Cody is however not backing down, and is working just as hard as ever. He maintain a full wrestling schedule, wrestling 8-16 times a month. He is still running a training school in Hamilton Ohio, and is also still producing shows for the CWAI in the same location as his school. Cody is still traveling the country, wrestling on shows and teaching training camps. His goal and plans now, are to travel and make professional wrestling better one city at a time. After having much success revitalizing the Dayton/Cincinnati Ohio wrestling scene, Cody hopes to repeat that in every promotion he visits.

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