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Training Seminars/Classes Cody is available to come to your promotion for training camps/seminars. Standard camps focus on basic fundamentals, and psychology. Advanced camps can be tailored  to your promotions needs. Camps can be any day of the week. Special deals can be  made if you have a show attached to the camp that you would like Cody to wrestle on. Cody has held training camps in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, New York, Michigan,  Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Las Vegas Nevada. Single day camps and week long  camps also available.
Individual one on one training One on one training and beginner classes are available. You can have a afternoon with Cody's undivided attention. Cody Teaches men and women wrestlers alike. Male managers and female valets. Referees, commentators, ring announcers and television production staff. If your promotion needs some help, Cody is your guy!

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  • January 7, 2018 9:01 amPosted 11 months ago

    i am a great fan of dean ambrose and wrestling.i want to learn it from you will you teach me i am from india

  • April 9, 2018 4:14 pmPosted 8 months ago
    Chris rage

    Hello, im a huge fan of wrestling, here i am 27 years old, not much money, but i do know how to take and give moves, i understand the meaning of wrestling entertainment. But can you maybe help me telling me what to do far as payments.?

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