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Jon Good began his Pro Wrestling career under the tutelage of Cody Hawk and Les Thatcher at Cincinnati Ohio's Heartland Wrestling Association in 2005, quickly adopting the name of Jon Moxley and rising fast through the ranks at HWA, he is something of a prodigal son. One of Cody's 'star pupils' he went on to dominate the independent scene and was soon snapped up by WWE where after a stint in developmental, he made his debut as a part of the history making trio, The Shield, under the name of Dean Ambrose. Now carving a path through WWE on his own, he's emerged as one of the most exciting and intriguing Superstars to have come through Wrestling Entertainment in years. And he has never forgotten his roots, always crediting HWA and Cody for giving him the solid base and training that got him where he is today. He also choose to come back to Cody's small school in Ohio, to do his in ring rehab when coming back from his serious tricep injury. Profile: View Here Website: Dean-Ambrose.Net


Sami Callihan aka "The Callihan Death Machine".  Sami is a former WWE/NXT star, and current Impact Wrestling, and Lucha Undergorund star.  Callihan started his career in professional wrestling under the guidance of Cody Hawk. When Sami first began to train, he was a 315lb 18 year old kid, who nobody believed in. He was told he would amount to nothing in the wrestling business. Everyone but one man. Cody Hawk. Under the guidance of Cody at the beginning of his career Sami began his transformation. A serious diet, and workout put together by Hawk, began to cut the future pro wrestling star. Callihan went from being a nobody to a somebody and continued on to becoming one of the top, and most sought after professional wrestlers around. In 2012 he was ranked #52 out of the top 500 wrestlers  in the PWI 500... Sami has competed all over the world. With tours of Germany, England, Scotland, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia under his belt, & working for such companies as CZW, ROH, Dragon Gate, Big Japan Pro Wrestling, PWG, WXW Germany, NWA, and others, it's easy to see why Sami Callihan is one of the most sought after wrestlers in the world.


Eli Drake started his career with Cody Hawk way back in 2003. He transplanted from Hagerstown Maryland to the Queen city, Cincinnati Ohio, to train under Hawk at the Heartland Wrestling Association. Soon after making is debut as Deuce, he joined forces with Moxley and Callihan to from the stable, "The Moxley Crue". This is where he went through a name change and became Dick Rick, one of the most arrogant and brash stars of the HWA. After the closing of the HWA in 2007, Drake moved to L.A. to try his hand at acting, and continue his march up the professional wrestling ladder. This is where he was picked up by the WWE, and once again transplanted to a new place, The WWE/NXT performance center in Florida. Here he would become Slate Randal. He had minimal success working on the NXT house shows. This was short lived, and after a year or so he was released, and moved back to California. Soon after his NXT release he was picked up by Impact wrestling, and took on the name Eli Drake. Since then he has risen through the ranks at Impact, and has even held the Impact World Title. This is where he resides to this day, and is enjoying much success on top of the Impact ladder. Eli remembers where he came from, and has come back to Cincinnati to do work for Cody, and to run a training camp at Cody's wrestling school.

Twitter: @TheEliDrake

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