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Cody Hawk is an 23 year veteran of the pro wrestling business, he has also been a highly regarded trainer for the past 18 years. Working for all major TV wrestling promotions including WWE, WCW and RoH. He has also owned and operated three Independent Promotions. Many of his students have gone on to fulfill dreams of working for WWE as well as featuring in TnA, RoH, CZW, Dragon Gate, OVW, HWA, FSW and countless others. If you have a will to survive, if you have it in you to never give up and always strive to be the absolute best that you can be, then you might just be the next Cody Hawk student to realize your dream!
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Training & Seminars

Learn from the best! Cody holds regular training seminars and you can find out all you need to know right here. Whether looking to brush up on skills you already have, or starting from scratch, he has the knowledge to share if you're willing to put in the work. Click here to find out more!
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View photos of Cody past and present in this extensive Gallery, updated regularly!
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The Story Of The Hawk

Ready Cody Hawk's full biography in his own words, get to know more about the man himself!
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You can find Cody on various forms of social media, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Click image for Twitter or the buttons below.
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Dean Ambrose

Cody Hawk HWA Graduate

Jon Good began his Pro Wrestling career under the tutelage of Cody Hawk and Les Thatcher at Cincinnati Ohio's Heartland Wrestling Association in 2005, quickly adopting the name of Jon Moxley and rising fast through the ranks at HWA, he is something of a prodigal son. One of Cody's 'star pupils' he went on to dominate the independent scene and was soon snapped up by WWE where after a stint in developmental, he made his debut as a part of the history making trio, The Shield, under the name of Dean Ambrose. Now carving a path through WWE on his own, he's emerged as one of the most exciting and intriguing Superstars to have come through Wrestling Entertainment in years.
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Sami Callihan

Cody Hawk HWA Graduate

Sami Callihan is formerly known as Solomon Crowe in WWE's NXT. Callihan furthered his career in professional wrestling under the guidance of Cody Hawk. A serious diet, and workout put together by Hawk, began to cut the future WWE/NXT star. Sami has became, and stays, one of the most sought after professional wrestlers around. He has competed all over the world. Currently working as Jeremiah Crane in Lucha Underground, and as Sami Callihan in Impact Wrestling. With tours of Germany, England, Scotland, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia under his belt, & working for such companies as CZW, ROH, Dragon Gate, Big Japan Pro Wrestling, PWG, WXW Germany, NWA, and others, it's easy to see why he is so valued.
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LatestNews & Updates


This stuff hurts

How tough are you?

 I like to push until you break, then force you to go a little more. It's amazing what positive words and a I want people to be better attitude has on students. I want you to be not good, but great! I expect it and I hate settling for anything less. We now have several 100 squats under our belts and cardio has become everyone's best friend. If you can't breath you can't think. If you can't over. Headed in to week 3. The initial bruises and scrapes are healing. The lactic acid in the muscles is going away, but the Hawk is just getting started and now it's time to get down to business.

Below are photos of Brittany after her first week in my wrestling camp.



Meet the new class

Main event Pro Wrestling Camp

Meet the new students

November 10, 2014 I began my latest pro wrestling training camp. This class is small, but so far is full of heart. If any one knows me and how I train, then you know I push till you break, then I push some more just to prove you have it in you. I am very happy to be entering our third week, with no one quitting so far. Over the next 20 weeks or so I will detail every little thing that happens at training here on my site. Check back weekly to keep up with their progress.

Meet the greenhorns!

Kyle Hall  17 Xenia Ohio

Tony Watson 18 McComb Ohio

Brittany Palikani 17  Cincinnati Ohio

Returning wrestlers from previous classes-

I challenged all the local talent to get better. Sadly only a few have chosen to try.

Matt Branningan

Amanda de la Cruz


AIWF First Class

This Friday Night! 11/21


 6972 South Dixie High Way Franklin Ohio. Bell time 7:00pm.